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Our trusted partner circle allows us to leverage valuable talent without burdening a client or project with the typical fee structures of A-list talent. In our experience, the sharpshooting of a trusted expert, with established shorthand and years of shared collaborations, saves time, money and resources. Clients appreciate our collective ability to deliver insights and assets that don’t just move the perceived needle—but impact real revenue, in real time.


Amy Swift


Turning concepts into meaning

AMY SWIFT is a brand strategist who has positioned or voiced messaging across the commercial spectrum. From icons like BVLGARI, Guess, Bath and Body Works, Pottery Barn, Pantene and Virgin Airlines, to cult brands like The Wild Unknown, B&H Photography, The Class with Taryn Toomey and Barre3, she specializes in translating concept to consumer and in the creative process of guiding big ideas into impactful assets that inspire action.

By identifying (or distilling) mission, vision and positioning, Amy transforms internal DNA into memorable, disarming campaigns that evoke emotion and resonance. Her unique blend of expertise in both business and brand offer a useful, holistic view to a variety of project sizes—from those with multiple layers and stakeholders, to start-up or entrepreneurial environments that require agility and the ability to respond to early-stage constraints.


Dario Antonioni


Turning concepts into prototypes

DARIO ANTONIONI studied aerospace engineering at University of Michigan and turned that passion into a career in narrative-driven industrial and spatial design after graduating from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. He believes design has the power to shape entire business models, while cultivating a cult-like consumer following. His innovations have landed on the shelves of luxury retailers like Apple to big box stores like Target and Costco. He has contributed to strategic initiatives and build award-winning environments for big brands like RL, DNKY, Red Bull, L’Oreal and Starbucks to more boutique brands like Pureology, Harmon Hotel and Ducati. His limited-edition, one-of-a-kind experimental pieces have been purchased by celebrity clients like Edward Norton, James Horner and Salma Hayek, and have been published worldwide.

Having cultivated a highly refined intuition around culture, trends and art informed by a relentless thirst for travel and an international upbringing, Dario’s natural talent lends itself to transforming a company’s goals into beautifully expressed objects and ownable moments, like his flagship retail designs for global travel retailer Flight 001, and most recently Icon Aircraft's sales showrooms, offices, training centers and US- and Mexico-based factories. His design solutions across product and spaces “evoke emotion and deliver meaning” (Businessweek Magazine).


Hilary Laffer


Turning concepts into BRANDS

HILARY LAFFER believes that when people who work together understand each other, they collaborate more fully, make progress faster and inspire their best work. As a veteran brand strategist, project manager and non-practicing lawyer, Hilary’s knowledge of creative business is well rounded and deep. She understands the particular challenges businesses face through two decades working with diverse clients ranging from large consumer brands AT&T, Sony, and Disney, to real estate brokers Industry Partners and Conroy Commercial, to developers Hackman Capital Partners, MackUrban, and Wilson Meany. Hilary is also the founder of FLUENTc, a communications consulting practice, she holds a bachelors degree from the University of Michigan, and she completed her law degree from Syracuse University and is an inactive member of the California Bar.

A tireless home cook, Hilary also relishes working with restaurant brands Cast Iron Partners, The Fields LA, Bottlefish, Farmshop, Gott’s Roadside, and Bestia. Hilary can be found playing tennis, perfecting the ultimate chocolate chip cookie recipe, spending time with her nieces and nephews, as well as taking spontaneous trips to exotic locales (when possible).


Jon Greene


TAKING concepts to MARKET

JON GREENE has been leading and advising investor backed startups in the healthcare, energy, and biotech sectors for nearly two decades. In these roles, he has managed technology-to-product commercialization, provided financial oversight and planning, and secured relationships with investors and strategic partners. For his latest venture, Sterifre Medical, Inc., Jon was instrumental in building an industry-focused team that raised $15M in capital, securing relationships with Fortune 500 partners, and moving the technology from lab prototype to a manufacturable unit. 

Although not an engineer by degree, Jon brings over a decade of engineering management experience in the context of new product design and development. Such interactions have enabled him to make positive contributions to strategic business and product development initiatives, leading to numerous patents and trade secrets for organizations.

Jon’s core skills including building teams, technology licensing, financial analysis, and operational planning from concept to market. He has worked with and consulted for numerous brands, including Vail Resorts, Burton Snowboards, and Corning, Inc. One of the key factors for his success is his ability to be an empathetic communicator, as well as translating highly technical information in print and presentations to a range of audiences. To all projects Jon brings a strong intellectual curiosity, analytical ability, and collaborative decision-making process that is a framework for successfully navigating to success.

Jon currently is active in his community as a first responder and a commissioner for the City of Ithaca’s Board of Public Works.



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