Frequently Asked Questions


What problem do we solve?

Billy Goldberg Partners helps businesses advance and identify opportunities that aren’t seen, or that are seen but can’t be acted upon.

How do we solve that problem?

We work with visionary business owners and entrepreneurs to implement systems that make their businesses more efficient and profitable, keep their employees happy, and allow them to spend more time focused on the future and improving their leadership skills. We know you’re already good at what you do. We can make you better.

What makes us different?

Founder Billy Goldberg brings 25 years of experience in a variety of different businesses to the firm. He knows how to get the most out of his clients because he to understand their specific business and can anticipate their needs, often before the client even has a full grasp of them. It is his primary goal, and by extension the goal of Billy Goldberg Partners, to see clients meet and exceed their objectives. Because the agency isn’t beholden to anyone, Billy and the Partners offers objective, unbiased advice with no hidden agenda that often pays for itself.

How does our process work?

Billy Goldberg Partners makes recommendations only after gaining a thorough understanding of our clients’ businesses, from both a quantitative and a qualitative perspective. We ask questions about infrastructure and workplace culture and think about how changing them will enable our clients to reach their objectives more efficiently. We then we give our clients a list of actionable tasks that they can undertake in the short-term and long-term to create a path forward to meeting these objectives. We are available for one-day strategy sessions, but we’re most effective kept on as consultants where we can be embedded in an organization while it’s undergoing the transformation we outlined together.

What kind of results can you expect?

Our clients come away from their engagements with Billy Goldberg Partners with better, more efficient systems in place that help to drive more revenue and/or diversify their organization’s revenue streams, while building in more time for leadership to be creative, visionary leaders who delegate tasks in order to have the bandwidth to look to what’s next. Your employees will be happier, too—something that not only improves workplace culture but also drives profitability.

What are our key values as an advisory service?

We believe that businesses should operate with transparency and seek to expand authentically—by doing good work and developing their organization in ways that improve their employees’ work lives. We do not work with clients who aren’t prepared to be direct with us, who would be unwilling to listen to frank feedback, or who seek to expand in a way that we consider to be harmful to their organization’s key stakeholders.



  • Embracing like-mindedness & chemistry

  • Modeling intentionality and clarity

  • Communicating empathy

  • Demonstrating accountability and responsiveness

  • Having serious fun & loving what we do

  • Delivering on promises made

  • Getting things done– and done right

  • Making the most of every opportunity

  • Building long-term relationships and collaboration

  • Being agile