Your trusted advisor.

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Our advisory services range from single-day work sessions to outsourced part-time COO engagements, and anything in between. In some instances, we become part of the leadership team and interface with employees during the length of the engagement, whereas in others we work directly with the CEO, c-suite or upper management. In some cases, one strategy session is all it takes to get people firing in a new direction, while others call for weekly sessions to formulate a strategy from objective to implementation.


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Nothing makes me happier than sitting one-on-one with a business owner or leader, in front of a clean whiteboard, and drilling down to the core issues standing in the way of the company’s next big jump. Through our work together, my clients tap into their unrealized potential by seizing opportunities that were there, but previously unseen.
— Billy Goldberg
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Our Approach

Eyes on today—with a vision for tomorrow.

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Start with intention.

By focusing on core issue across key dimensions, our approach is specifically designed to uncover the obstacles standing in the way of growth and new areas of revenue potential.

  • BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Where can more revenue be found?

  • MARKET: Who are your dream clients and customers?

  • FINANCIALS: Are you clear about your numbers, both current and projected?

  • SYSTEMS: Are operational processes in place for efficiency and ease?

  • TEAMS: Are the right people in the right roles?

  • REVENUE: Are you maximizing profitability?

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Co-pilot a plan.

You likely have a vision of where you’d like to go, or at least a clear picture of where you don’t want to be.We build on these essential navigational cues, beginning by taking a 360-degree view of your business to define and align goals, so we can effectively dive into your “white space”—the areas of growth potential you’ve yet to optimize.

Our process is collaborative, sparking dynamic conversations that examine, address, and solve each challenge, leaving fewer obstacles on the road to success. Equipped with clarity, we’ll then formulate an actionable strategy supported by measurable tactics. Clients come away with priorities for advancement and a plan of attack for each dimension—always with an eye toward new or increased revenue streams.

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Stay on track.

Work weeks move at an ambitious clip and are filled with competing priorities. Because of this reality, the accountability we provide serves as a necessary antidote to the pervasive overwhelm. Ongoing engagements ensure a steady, reliable sounding board: responsiveness and access to measure progress, refine direction and reach milestones. Engagements can be short or long, weekly or monthly. Creating regular real-time check-ins with Billy allows you to move toward your most important goalposts.